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Tight metal restraints hold Sarah Jane Ceylon's long sexy legs stretched wide open. One by one, clips and clamps run along the underside of her thighs, attached by twine so they can all be ripped off at once... ...she stands on sharp wooden spikes, her torso strapped to a pole in front of her, with her arms pulled up and back in strappado behind her.

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Jaden takes a rough caning and some tough positions, each tie making her perfectly wet. We get to see all of the dirt and cum better be scrubbed off for next time! A true struggle for her. He leaves her then, locked this way, with her not-so-innocent cunt speared as she lies on her side in a steer tie, her wrists and ankles bound together, Jaden and good hard fuck leave Brianna exhausted promising to find a new line of work, and her pussy is flogged.

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Amber Rayne's detective agency is recruiting new investigators. ryan may not know what he is getting himself into but he'll learn, fast. Amber is a no nonsense Mistress with little patience for bitch boys.

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PD has Niki Nymph dressed up and looking pretty, but it is never going to last. He has far too much of a carnal interest in her to let her maintain her pretty fa?ade. Just fucking a slut like Niki does not even keep PD satisfied either. He needs to have her twisted into knots and crying for mercy if he is going to fuck her holes. She squirts like a fountain and he wants to take advantage of that.

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Lurid red lines crisscross her body. And her legs spread wide an electrode is pushed into her ass and clamps hang from her labia and the cattle prod. One ever breaks the brat to a point of obedience. Skye is the perfect obedient little sex slave bitch for the afternoon! She comes again and again as her feet are worshipped, Skye masturbates and cums hard in a screeching, mind-shattering thrall.

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A true submissive at heart, Sienna is only just beginning to discover this side of herself and finds the journey very emotional. With her tits pulling her up and her hands tied behind her back she is flogged repeatedly before Chanta thrusts the magic wand on to her swollen clit and rips an orgasm out of her wet pussy. The mixture of pleasure with pain is addictive so the bondage is made harder.

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